Freelance writing and editing for any business.
Get your message delivered properly and on time.

At Mackenzie Oliphant Media, we believe the world revolves around communication. If you have something important to say, then you deserve to have it said well.

In this technological world, we’re surrounded by information of every kind – but not all of it is so easily understood, nor really applicable to who we are and what we’re doing. Too often we get bogged down by ladles of ‘corporate-speak’ filling our business documents with lots of words but not enough meaning.

Unfortunately, poor writing is everywhere. Have you ever read an important prospectus or the website of a possible supplier only to discover spelling and punctuation mistakes that distract your attention from what you’re reading?

Consider this:

“Let’s eat Grandma” – or  – “Let’s eat, Grandma”

Or the line from a popular hymn:

“We like sheep…” – or – “We, like sheep…”

Words matter. So does how they are put together. We can help you turn your message into quality communication that delivers your meaning as you intended.

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