Freelance writing and editing for any business.
Get your message delivered properly and on time.

Words matter – especially in business. Words communicate directly to your customers and they contribute enormously to your brand. Poor writing or copy riddled with typos just makes a business look amateur, and its customers wonder about attention to detail. Quality copy with a clear, concise meaning communicates your professionalism. It tells your customers that you know what you’re ┬átalking about.


Our rates vary depending on the type of project and its size. Some projects are best quoted on a per day or half day/hourly basis, others rated on a number of cents per word. You will find our rates very competitive – and good value for quality work, delivered on time.

For a quote on a particular project, or a general enquiry about rates, please send us an enquiry through our Contact page.


Our services can help you build a polished and professional brand that can instil confidence in your customers.

  • Web content copywriting – our speciality!
    • including search engine friendly (SEO) copy for your website
    • regular articles or blog entries
    • traffic generation through forums and blogs
  • Plain English editing
    • corporate reports
    • user guides
    • submissions
  • Business copywriting
    • company newsletters
    • including company profiles
    • company histories
    • corporate reports
    • submissions etc
  • Marketing copywriting
    • including advertising copy
    • brochures
    • mail out campaigns
  • Article writing
    • including research if necessary
    • any word length
    • any media
  • Editing and proofreading – including re-writes
    • Advertising and Marketing
      • Advertising and Marketing Copy
      • Market Research Surveys
      • Marketing Proposals
      • Media Kits,┬áPublicity and Public Relations Materials
    • Public Documents
      • Fundraising Letters
      • Government Policy Documents
      • Grant Proposals
      • Prospectuses
      • Speeches
      • Website Content
    • Company
      • Annual Reports
      • Proposals and RFPs
      • Corporate Communications
      • Policies and Procedures
    • Manuals and Guides
      • Consumer Product Manuals and┬áData Sheets
      • Hardware/Software Manuals
      • Teaching and Training Materials
      • Technical Documents

We work to your deadlines and make it our goal to always deliver your job to you on time, every time.